Implications Of Stress. Stress, One Of The Most Common

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Implications of Stress Stress, one of the most common occurrences in an individual’s life. A definition used to describe stress is “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances” (Oxford Dictionary, 2017). In the field of law enforcement, police officers undergo adverse and demanding circumstances each day. The job requirements of a police officer are considered to be ambiguous. During a twelve hour shift an officer maybe more of a social worker to enforcing the law. With the surprises and vagueness, which comes with the job can add stress overtime. This paper will exam the consequences and seriousness of stress to officers and their families. It will discuss the influence…show more content…
The impact of stress is not limited to the job, but other factors as well. An article composed by Roberts and Levenson states “stress and physical exhaustion police officers experience leads to a myriad of psychological, lifestyle, and relationship problems including divorce, alcoholism, domestic violence, and emotional disturbances” (2001). However, stress does not only impact the officer, but also the officers’ family, and maybe friends. Figley (1983) coined the phrase “secondary traumatization” to describe the finding that individuals living in close proximity to victims of violent trauma can themselves become indirect victims of that trauma” (as cited by Tara Galvoski and Judith Lyons, 2003). Even though a family member did not live the experience, they deal with the symptoms that follow stress, which causes strain in the relationship. Family members who deal with PTSD can be compared living in the same cycle as a domestic violence. This is said because women who are in an abusive relationship are subdued to the same symptoms as one who suffers from PTSD. In essence the impact of stress is not limited to the police officer themselves, but also the one’s who are close to them. Effects Administration has on stress It is imperative for officers to be able to manage and cope with stress, so they can perform to the best of their ability while on duty and off duty. Police administrators can be the first to aid in this by
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