Importance Of Communication : Barriers To Effective Communication

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7: Business: How do you weave strategy into your work team’s day-to-day conversation? Include a discussion of three barriers that kill communication at work.
In order to guide behavior, it is useful to implement certain strategies into day-to-day conversations. For one, having a Commander’s intent, the desired end state of an operation (a core goal), helps guide a team’s coordination. Once every member of the team knows and understands the Commander’s intent, they can make many any decision regarding the team’s future. Incorporating certain strategies, such as the Commander’s intent into a team’s day-to-day conversations, can drive actions that are beneficial to the team’s success . However, simply implementing strategies isn’t the whole story. Unluckily there are barriers that inhibit effective communication.
Barrier 1 The first barrier in effective communication in the workplace is ambiguity. Mission statements, visions, and even strategies are often ambiguous to the point of being meaningless. Sticky ideas are best explained in terms of sensory information human actions. Clear and sticky ideas are full of concrete images that complement the way our brains are wired to remember data. Communication in the workplace often goes awry because it is often ambiguous. Speaking concretely is the way to ensure that a vision, a mission statement, that an idea will make sense and mean the same to everyone in the team. Opaque, abstract ideas do not captivate people.

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