Importance Of Montessori Concentration

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Discuss how the Montessori education helps to develop a child’s concentration and helps the child in his social development. The child, whose attention has once been held by a chosen object, while he concentrates his whole self on the repetition of the exercise, is a delivered soul in the sense of the spiritual safety of which we speak. From this moment there is no need to worry about him - except to prepare an environment which satisfies his needs, and to remove obstacles which may bar his way to perfection." (Dr. Maria Montessori, 'The Absorbent Mind', Clio Press, 248) The first important necessity for child's development is concentration. It lays the whole basis for his character and social behavior. Concentration is a skill that can be improved with practice, and Montessori provides the perfect environment for that effort. Montessori children have many opportunities to practice deep concentration every day as they work with the materials. Thanks to the three-hour work period, children are able to focus on a task for as long as they wish without external interruptions. As their ability to concentrate improves, the children also develop better self-control and self-regulation, all skills that are essential to success in further schooling and life in general.…show more content…
I recently had the pleasure of watching my twelve-month old nephew discover a piece of gummy strip. As he tried to pull it off the fingers of one hand, it stuck to the fingers of the other. As he alternated between hands, his inquisitiveness and delight was apparent to all who observed this new experience. Wisely, his parents did not rush to take it away from him, though they were watchful, fearing he might put in his mouth. Rather, they sat nearby waiting until the adhesive strength lessened, thus ending his concentration. My nephew spent 5-10 minutes in intense concentration to this new sensorial
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