Importance Of Observing Children

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Explain how observations are used:
• To plan for individual children’s needs

Planning for individual children’s needs is the easy way of observing children, easy of looking at of children’s practice, listening to children to find out how the children is developing his/herself, what the children like to do and what children is learning through his/her play and the experiences of offer. It is very important that parents and practitioners sharing what they know about these things so that they can agree whether the child’s development is at the expected stage. They can also agree if the resources such as toys and equipment are suitable for the child and to focus them on what to offer in coming to support the child to develop new interests, learn new skills and get new knowledge. The observations of children are extremely important, because every single child has a unique set of abilities and talents and …show more content…

However, it may not always be possible for practitioners to speak to parents every single day about their child's learning targets, current interests or recent experiences because they will not have enough time to talk to each child’s parents or it may be the key worker might not be available to talk to the parent, perhaps because of other professional commitments. In such cases, practitioners should make it clear to the parent that they will arrange a suitable time to discuss the child's progress. The practitioners have to try to engage both parents where possible and make sure that their setting is a place where both male and female carers feel comfortable. Where there is a true commitment to parent partnership, teams will be creative in their time management to make sure that they reach all the

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