Importance Of Oral And Written Names For Numbers

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Oral and Written Names for Numbers: This section is focusing on connecting oral and written names for numbers with base-ten concepts by using groups of tens or hundreds for counting. It is essential to remember that saying and writing numbers are conventions instead of concepts, and students are learning this by being told instead problem-based activities. It is especially important to remember that these conventions or patterns may be different for English Langauage Learners.
Two-Digit Number Names: For two-digit numbers, it is best to start with base ten materials and language, because when they go to writing it will be easier to transfer, otherwise they may write 52 as 502 because of how it said. It is much easier to go from base ten language to the standard language.
Three-Digit Number Names: As the numbers increase in size, there tends to be an increase in mistakes, but to avoid mistakes, it is essential that you vary use of base-ten language and standard language. It is also helpful to only change one place value at a time. Another way to help students is to show them counterexamples and then have them correct the example. Numbers with no tens usually leads to major confusion, and this is where base-ten language will help, but avoid calling zero a placeholder because it does contain value.
Written Symbols: When starting to teach the students on how to write the names out, there are Place-Value mats and Place-Value Cards. These two methods are more effective when

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