Importance Of Personal Reflection

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Throughout class, we absorb each combination as a whole in order to grasp the main idea and main goal from each concept. We then, break it down step by step and work to redefine each part. From here, majority of the time, we repeat and repeat it. In the readings, deep practice does best when we work with repetition, however only for a certain amount of time. Sometimes it’s even best to take baby steps when practicing. By breaking things down, we allow for our brains to absorb each concept that will later translate into muscle memory, therefore making it easier for us to recall these skills because our body has been practicing the feelings over and over again.
I have noticed that my body has been able to recall concepts in that we have been working on since the beginning of the semester. Without having to think, the muscles in my legs already engage from my inner thighs and the backs of my legs rather than the top of my quads and my hips. We started at the beginning of the semester working on our secret muscles to move our legs instead of just lifting our legs from the top, and I have noticed that this idea has been occuring more naturally. Even though I still thinking about engaging these muscles, it has become apart of what my body naturally does when I am at the barre to begin class. I feel them already engaged and ready to go, whereas in the beginning of the year I was still looking for them and having to focus more energy and attention into actively using them. This now

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