Importance Of School Safety In School

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4. Not allow any student under the age of 11 years to leave the bus at the point of arrival until confirming the presence of his guardian or his representative to receive him and inform the school in the absence of his presence in order to pave the way for returning him to school after handing over the rest of the students to their destinations.

5. Control any misconduct from students, ensure their safety during the journey and inform the School Transportation Coordinator of any incident.

6. Ensure that the entrances, exits and passages of the bus, including the emergency exit, are free from any obstructions during the journey.

7. Escort students when they have to cross the road.

8. Assistance in evacuating the bus in case of emergency.

9. Be sure to follow up the instructions of the manufacturers for buses seats concerned for transporting nurseries children under the age of four years.

10. Do not eat, drink or use the phone while students are within the bus.

11. Maintain its overall appearance and commitment to wear uniforms during service delivery.

12. To present the license of practicing the profession to authorized inspectors upon request.

Article (13)
Responsibilities of the Parents

The Parents shall sign a pledge that includes the following commitments:
1. Receive their children under the age of 11 years on the dates specified through them or through their representative.

2. Provide the school with the necessary data to communicate with them and call them
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