Importance Of Simple Observation Of Customers

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Talking to Humans was definitely a helpful book when it came to opening my eyes to how I should approach my ideas. I have considered myself a good observer and it enjoyed how talking to humans emphasized the importance of simple observation of customers. Giving me this clarified understanding on how I should approach my customers when doing interviews, how to stay focused on who my main customer market is by using the evidence from my customer discovery. Things like this take time and concentration in order to make it succeed. This book gave me great new strategies in order to execute our plan with my team while also having to deal with the struggles that every startup usually experiences. To be an entrepreneur I realized you should always be prepared for better or worse. Setting high expectations leads to disappointments, so going with a mindset to just simply learn from customers in order to develop the product to better suit the market is the goal. I consider myself being very good at communication and connecting with people either over a certain topic or randomly. Although, interviews make me a bit nervous as I am trying to get information out of them purposely which for some reason makes me uncomfortable. Interviews seem to always get people somewhat nervous to after reading talking to humans I know how to alleviate these uncomfortable encounters. After watching the Best Practice videos and reading talking to humans made me figure out ways to myself feel more
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