Important Essay: Why Do Exercise Really Important?

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Do exercise really important?

What is exercise?
Exercise, also known as physical based activities refers to the idea of using any movement that would works your body at a greater intensity, much more than your usual daily activity, when this happen, your heart rates and your muscles will go into overdrive and your body works it to the extent of achieving physical fitness. What happen is that during exercise, you work your body into some rigorous and intense routine in the aim of making every single part of your body moves and functioning so that your body will gain the most exercise and help strengthened your body more.

There are three levels of exercise available, they are;
1. Light exercise.
Light exercise refers to the exercise that is done in lighter mode, most of the time this exercise is less hard core and it is done casually. Light exercise is good for beginners who want to get their body into exercising mode, by doing this you will be able to conditioning your body into exercise routine and gradually making the body get used with the idea and notion of working out.

2. Moderate exercise.
Much strenuous as compared to light exercise, when you do
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But what’s important is to give each exercise a chance before making decision, as in give the exercise routines and yourself some time to get to know and learn about each other, after a while if you are not compatible then it’s time to say goodbye and move on. Exercise is not something you can see result immediately, aside from the pain that you will for sure experience during the early venture into exercising, it takes time to see the result of your effort so make sure that you don’t give up easily or you might have miss something that might be good to

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