Improving Efficiency with Business Process Modeling

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In order for businesses to be successful, they must find out what the customer wants and meet that need. This can be difficult when dealing with the ever-evolving trends of today’s society. Businesses must remain flexible and constantly be experimenting with new technology and ideas to better provide their services to the customer. To help accomplish this goal, Business Process Modeling can be used to provide a solution, to help refine and organize business processes, which may in return make the business more efficient.

A key feature of any successful business is how the business provides its services to customers. This is often done through business processes, a collection of organized tasks or activities that are intended to accomplish a specific goal. (Pittarese, 2014) These tasks may encompass different functional areas and are designed to “create value for the customer.”(Pittarese, 2014) Though a business is successful and may have been around for quite some time, they often find the need to update their business processes, in order to keep up with customer demands, technological advances, and to improve efficiency within their company. One way of doing this could be through business process modeling, a tool used by businesses to create a diagram of the various business processes and actions that are carried out within a company.
In order to create a business process model, a business must first identify and create the current business process model, which is

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