Improving Nutrition Through Food Fortification: Article Analysis

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The "Improving nutrition through food fortification" article in the Guardian provides important information concerning food distribution in the developing world and about how it is essential for fortification to become more common in order for people in developing countries to be able to develop properly. The article emphasizes that the developed world is no longer expected to assist the developing world by "delivering sacks of flour, grain and other basic ingredients to developing and impoverished nations" (Improving nutrition through food fortification). Instead, developed countries are expected to support programs meant to assist local governments in developing countries to acknowledge the importance of fortified foods. Foods in developing countries lack important nutrients in many cases and it thus came to play an insignificant role in the overall condition in these areas. I chose this article because it provides an intriguing perspective regarding food programs in developing countries. The article practically highlights the fact that it is essential to add significant vitamins to everyday foods, as this apparently reduces the frequency of life-threatening diseases that are common in these territories. I believe that this is an important topic in the contemporary society and that more individuals need to become acquainted with the importance of introducing fortification strategies in developing countries, as ignorance can lead to catastrophic results as long as
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