Improving The Organization's Culture Assessment Of The Kentucky School Boards Association ( Ksba )

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Many issues and problems emerge in organizations that require action to be taken by either individuals or an authoritative figure to address problems that prohibit maximizing productivity. Because numerous decisions are made on any given day in an attempt for a school or organization to operate as smoothly as possible, there is required effort and energy to constantly monitor an organization’s culture. A problematic situation in my current organization that is rooted in employee motivation and attitudes is the lack of satisfaction group members consistently feel. A year ago, the organization participated in a culture assessment that was conducted by the Kentucky School Boards Association (KSBA). This audit was ordered by our executive…show more content…
Therefore, coaches and consultants felt that they were constantly behind in their work to implement strategies in schools that would help instructional practices and learning. Directors and supervisors began to see a decrease in their staff’s motivation in their productivity, intensity and duration. According to Jex and Britt (2008), motivation has an impact in influencing work performance and behavior and is considered a key factor for any organization to understand. In this problem defined, decision making led to a negative effect as employees started to communicate their displeasure to supervisors and to one another. The disapproval and lack of buy-in into new ideas from leaders developed divisions within the organization. The executive director was quite aware of the impact his decisions were making and personally accepted responsibility for this set of unique circumstances. Though, there was no immediate action that could remedy the situation until the end of the fiscal year. Privately, he discussed his personal frustration to me in regard to past decisions that eventually led staff to be unhappy and ultimately hindered the culture. A special session among board of directors and superintendents was called to review the culture assessment results and initiate brainstorming ideas to address issues and concerns. This was a hardship for the executive
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