Improving the Resource Accountability Practices in DLi Corporate

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DLi states that its vision is to see World Class Servant Leaders Raised Up In Every Vocation. Since servant leadership is enshrined in the vision of the company, it would therefore be reasonable to assume that the company has clearly examined what Servant Leadership is and developed measureable outcomes against which to measure results. Page (2009) states that ‘good Christian servant-leaders serve God through investing in others so that together they may accomplish a task for God’s glory” (p.439). One can therefore measure the extent to which the company subscribes effectively to and operates according to the Transformational Servant, Results Based Leadership model by examining the extent that DLi is investing in and then expecting…show more content…
These can be directly mission strategic gifts, or more generic blessings of the poor, disaster relief or other local needs. Nationally, the First Fruits are used mainly to fund strategic initiatives and start-up ministries. Over time, however, there is a pressure to fund operational costs from First Fruits rather than direct ministry expenses. There is no general guiding decision matrix against which First Fruits are allocated. It can be argued that a lot of the operational costs are incurred in order to facilitate ministry. Thus, this is an area for ongoing discussion and evaluation to avoid leadership becoming self-serving in the administration of corporate First Fruits. The lack of clarity or reporting downward of how leadership utilizes First Fruits also creates an environment that opens leadership to temptations of misusing First Fruits giving. Governance has developed over time so that those who have primary responsibility for and dependence upon financial results of the company do not have controlling interest in the stewardship of the company. Of the six individuals on the China leadership team, only two have direct responsibility for generating income within a business unit, and only one of those depends upon that income for his salary. The other leaders are primarily supported from contributions rather than business income. Having a governing team in place

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