In This Part Of The Essay, Tunisia And Libya Are Discussed

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In this part of the essay, Tunisia and Libya are discussed in terms of freedom, whether it is political or social and how former ruling systems facilitated the process of recovery after Arab Spring. Both Tunisia and Libya started their promising journey in the post-coup era towards a more democratic political environment. However, it has proven a challenge particularly for Libya as they never experienced a democratic rule despite having elections in accordance with democratic values during the reign of King Idris. Tunisia under the rule of Ben Ali had very limited political freedom particularly for the members of the media. In an observation released by the Freedom House website, a US- based non-governmental organization that advocates…show more content…
By suppressing their freedom of expression, the trust in Ben Ali’s government slowly eroded which caused further betrayal among the public. Ben Ali certainly had failed in accommodating the outrage of his people and this continued with his family’s corruption scandal. Freedom of expression represented government transparency where the resistance against the former could reflect the failure of the government’s functionality.
The transition from dictatorship to democracy will not be a smooth one, particularly for a country who had been ruled by the same president for more than twenty years with strictly controlled freedom. Thus, it will be a challenge for the people to relive the democratic establishments of Tunisia under their former president, Habib Bourguiba. It is important to note that Tunisia was democratic when it gained its independence in 1956 but descended into dictatorial rule after the coup. The experience of democracy had familiarized Tunisians with rebuilding the country on the liberal foundations. The freedom of expression particularly among the members of the media gradually improved after 2011. On 26th August 2016, Tunisia signed the Declaration of Media Freedom in the Arab World, being the second country to sign the declaration after Palestine. This is a major breakthrough for the silenced journalists and activists throughout Ben Ali’s dictatorship. The early democratic establishments paved the way for Tunisia to recover from

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