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Throughout the times music has advanced in many different forms, evolved into unique styles and altered societal behaviors for both the good and the bad. Developments from the phonograph to the radio and now the IPod have made it extremely easy for listeners to become more engaged in their music. Each new development has led society to listen to music in a different way, thus changing the way we perceive music and the role that it plays in our lives. The advent of the technological era in the 1990’s has created a global marketplace where individuals have access to all different kinds of audio files at any time. With the world becoming more and more commercialized, countless numbers of corporations are now involved in the music and…show more content…
The iPod and iPhones have allowed for endless connectivity with other devices and people around the globe. Although the developments of the iPod have grown vastly and have created great benchmarks for advancement in the music industry, in some ways it has negatively altered the way people interact with each other. The personal portable music players and the Internet have changed how we listen to our music. Since the release of the iPod, users have been found to be more isolated from everyone and everything else they may be involved in. Listening to music has now become a rather individualized and private thing to do rather than a social matter. In the times that there is sharing involved, it incorporates the sharing of a music file, not sharing the experience of listening to the song with another individual. “Listening to the iPod clearly takes us to another place, it allows us to drift into something of a meditative state. This is interesting because its this area where we show our private selves, rather than our public face. Watch people as they listen to their iPods walking down a busy street or on a plane. They don’t seem to be quite with us.”(Influx) Since the iPod can effectively keep an individuals life intact, one does not feel the need to interact with others, often leaving people isolated and relying on a single machine. There has been a generated need for this product for our lives to go smoothly. Whether it has to do with sales of the music

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