Independent Auto Sales And Service (Ias) Believe In Honesty.

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Independent Auto Sales and Service (IAS) believe in honesty. They know that being honest with their customers is what helps make repeat customers. If they are completely transparent with their customers, specifically with pricing and purchasing needed parts they will develop a trust relationship with service provider. This relationship can begin by drawing up an “Integrity Clause”. After which, posting it in a prominent place in their sales facility. This should be written in a clear and concise form. This should be explained to perspective or new buyers so that a clear trustworthy relationship can then begin.
To create A plus value around packaging and guarantees IAS should ensure that all vehicles that are purchased are prepped with a …show more content…

This in turn, will help reduce returns of vehicles. IAS is a family-run business. Customers should be made to feel that they are working with a friend not a salesperson. Friends are known for taking care of their friends, a welcoming, open salesperson can exemplify this feeling.
A priority must be being transparent when talking about the vehicle pricing, any associated fees and financing. Many dealerships participate in “price matching” and this can lead to being creditable. Many customers may find a cheaper price but may like your approach much better and would be willing to pay a little more for the pleasure to deal with you. Any monies that would be spent on this program would be made up through referrals or repeat sales. Lastly, A-plus value add-ons such as car wash, a full gas tank and a free oil change would help with the customer’s experience. In today’s market, no dealership does all three for their consumers. All of these things will be viewed as a high value perk of doing business with IAS. Employee need to be involved with any new customer service initiatives. The best way is to both educate employees on new initiatives as well as collect any ideas that they may want to contribute through their team meetings/brainstorming session. When beginning these new initiatives, the direction that is made should be done in clear and meaningful way. The employees should be made aware of any changes that would be happening to their daily schedule

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