Individual Reflection Paper on Your 5020 Group Experience

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Individual Reflection Paper on Your 5020 Group Experience
This reflection paper is a compilation of what Group or Team C, experience during the execution of the Group Project Paper on Goal Setting in Organizations within Burger King Corporation. The paper covers important topics such as how the group was formed, leadership, the evolution of the group/team over the term, group/team dynamics, group structure, team communication and Intergroup/intra-group conflict. This paper connects the individual experiences within group dynamics concepts presented in the course to illustrate their relevance, as well as some comparison and contrast of the team’s intra-group conflict experience with techniques presented throughout the
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Carter, 2015).
On April 10th, 2015, on our first day of class, all students were asked to form groups of four or five member, in order to be able to complete the assigned group project on Goal Settings in Organization. The course syllabus instructed that each group should choose a Group Leader, whose job was to keep constant communication with the instructor through Blackboard, email and telephone. The chosen leader had the responsibility of communication the instructor about his or her acceptance of the responsibility and duty for being the Group Leader. Also, the leader was responsible of indicating the instructor about the topic chosen by the group. The members of our group were composed by Amanda Velazquez (MBA in Marketing), Karissa Perez (MBA in Human Recourses), Cindi Yepes (MBA in Process Management), Katherine Brito (MBA in Finance) and Gustavo Corral (MBA in International Business).
Because Gustavo Corral was the only male on the group and he holds a leadership position at Daikin Latin America, as the Leader for the Parts Department, he was chose as the group Leader for the Group called “Group C”. He accepted the responsibility and carried out his leadership on the group throughout the completion of the group paper.

Attribution Theory of Leadership
The leader’s main attributional mission is to sort the reason of subordinate, or follower,
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