Industrial Process Monitoring By Using Raspberry Pi And Wireless Communication

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INDUSTRIAL PROCESS MONITORING BY USING RASPBERRY PI AND WIRELESS COMMUNICATION 1ANJALI V. PATIL, 2A.M.PATKI 1Final Year M.E Communication Systems, ICEM Pune 2Prof. and HOD of Electronics and Telecommunication, ICEM Pune E-mail:, Abstract-Wireless communication is widely used in various fields like automation, military etc. The advanced technologies in wireless sensor network (WNS) lowers he data rate failure and increases its productivity in automation. This paper proposes a design and implementation of industrial process monitoring by using raspberry pi and wireless communication. The system consists of a single master and multiple slaves with wireless communication based on WSN and a raspberry pi system that can either operate on raspbian linux operating system. The parameters that can be tracked are current, voltage, temperature, and water level. The Android app is made to control industrial automation automatically using cloud. Manager manages this app with specific username and password. Manager can control this app automatically or manually.
Keywords- Wireless communication, raspberry pi, industrial, Internet of Things (IoT).

Wireless communication is the best technology and it is widely used in industry

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