“Industrial Relations” and “Human Resource Management” Essay

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Compare and Contrast
“Industrial Relations” and “Human Resource Management”

With the rapid pace of globalization, economic development and the more fierce competition among enterprises, the environment of employment is becoming more and more complex than in the past. The companies, no matter private or state-owned ones, have realized the significance of human resources which is the source of social wealth and plays a decisive role in its creation. The essay is concerned about comparing and contrasting the key features of “human resource management” and “industrial relations”. In the academic fields, human resource management and industrial relations are boasting some differences as well as the similarities. And the consolidation trend
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Thirdly, human resource management assumes that the conflicts between employer and employees are not unavoidable and the authority of management is necessary to the organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Under this presumption, the employers believe that the possible occurrence of unsatisfied situations and the conflicts can be minimized by their strategy, applying their management authority in a planned way. Usually, the human resource management strategies are concerned with recruitment, training, pay and so on. For example, when the manager of a call centre is selecting personnel of customer services representatives, he would prefer people who are communicative and have a positive character. And after that, training system is carried into practice to ensure those customer services representatives more professional in taking the customers’ phone call. The training is provided to standardize the process of calls such as the proper call length and the max abandoned calls rate. And the performance-based pay and bonus system can also be an incentive or motivation for the commitment of the workforce. These human resources management methods are all trying to avoid the dissatisfaction of the labors and achieving the ideal outcomes at the same time. But on the other hand, industrial relations assume that the conflicts are not avoidable, making it necessary for a third part to get involved. It reveals the inter connections among the company (the