Infant Observation Paper

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In addition, during my observation, Sydney was able to demonstrate the following gross motor skills. Sydney was placed in a sitting position on the table as well on the floor and was able to sit up unassisted for brief periods of time. Although Sydney appeared to be unstable at times, her mother closely spotted her to ensure her safety. Most babies are able to sit up by themselves unassisted for short periods of time (Oswalt, n.d.). By being able to sit upright and support the weight of her head in the proper position, shows Sydney has developed her core body strength and has met this developmental milestone. In addition, while lying on a blanket on her stomach, Sydney was able to lift her chest and head. According to American Pregnancy Association, most infants at 6 months old can lift their chest and part of their stomach while lying face down (First,…show more content…
However, Sydney was not able to demonstrate bearing weight on her hands while lying in this position, which is another additional norm for most infants (First, 2015). Lastly, I observed Sydney being held by her mother in a standing position while bearing some weight on her legs. This is a milestone norm that I believe has not been met. According to American Pregnancy Association, infants at 6 months should be able to bear the majority of their weight when being held in a standing position (First, 2015). It appeared that although Sydney had some leg strength, she was observed not being able to hold most of her weight with her legs and had difficulty staying in an upright position. (Oswalt, n.d.)
Early cognitive accomplishments are important to intellectual growth (Berger, 2012, p. 161). According to one theory, by Jean
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