Inflate The Balloon Essay

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Inflate the balloon (by blowing through the straw, if you attached it to a straw). 2.Pinch the end of the balloon shut, or put your finger over the end of the straw, to prevent air from escaping. 3.Put your car down on the floor, and let go of the balloon. a.Optional: If you have a digital camera or smartphone, you can take a video of your car's test run. It might help to have a volunteer operate the camera while you operate the car. 4.Watch your car closely! Does it move forward? Pay close attention to whether the car meets your design requirements, and write down your observations in your lab notebook. For example: a.Does the car go straight? b.How far does the car go? Use a tape measure to record how far the car traveled from where it started …show more content…

Are the wheels or axles crooked, causing the car to turn? Are the wheels getting slightly stuck, preventing the car from going fast? c.Even if your car works well, think about what changes you could make to improve it. Can you modify your car to make it go even farther? What happens if you try to inflate the balloon even more? 7.Based on what you find in step 6, make changes to the design and construction of your car. a.Optional: If you have a digital camera or smartphone, take pictures of all the changes you make to your car. This will help you document the different iterations of your design process. 8.Repeat steps 1–7 until your car meets all of your design requirements. It might take you many tries to get your car working properly, and this is okay! There is no "right answer" to an engineering problem. Now, think about the design process you went through: a.How many different iterations did it take you to reach your final solution? b.Did you have to make major changes or do a total redesign of your car, or did you only make small changes and

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