Lab 5 B Friction Lab

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Lab Five B Friction The lab five B was about friction and how its always present. The purpose of this lab wat to explore how friction affect motion. There are three types of friction we discuss like air, rolling, and siding. First, The procedures of were take an energy car and roll it down a track with a without a sail and record the data from photogate A to B and the time to took to get there make sure the photogate are 555 cm away from each other. Do the same one energy car wit just wheels and one with one 3 times each. Next, the independent variable was the sail car and shed car. The speed acceleration was the dependent variable. The constants marble distance of photogate the angel of the track.…show more content…
Upon analyzing the data was determined the data was correct and hypothesis was therefore proven right. Furthermore , Compared with other researchers in my class we all did the some lab so are work came out the same lab. In addition to , the data of the major finds in the experiment were the control speeds or no sail had an average speed of 138.3 sail had an average speed of 127.3.Sliding friction data average was -252.4. Rolling friction data had an average was –30.21. The application of this lab in society is if had more friction in year tires then you wouldn't need to replace them as much. In conclusion Lab five B friction was on okay lab. There was a lot of math invade and I really like doing math. So in a nut shell this was good
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