Influence Of Mass Media

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Mass Media Development
Saraya Usina
HUM 186: Media Influences on American Culture

Over the last century, there have been multiple milestones which have improved the circulation of mass media and news, both good and bad. Over time we have developed techniques and styles in order to keep every family within the loop at the highest rate. This led us to multiple inventions over the last century which has brought us to today – to the instantaneous access to news and the latest trending topics at our finger tips, at all times. A few examples of these inventions would be the development of the newspaper, after the printing press was invented in the 1400s (Chin, 2013). This allowed each family to get access to whatever news that they had to circulate at that time. Problem with this type of mass media was the fact that not every town in the world had access to a printing press, so little towns did not get information as fast as larger cities. Also, it was not until later years, that the newspaper was accessible to get received to the doorstep of the home daily. After the newspaper was introduced, then the magazine was developed and showed more promises in what it could spread. Magazines used to be only for the wealthy until name brands starting making appearances and spiking sales, making reproduction of more magazines available (Carter, 2001). Once technology boomed and the women in the society starting having more leisure time to read, magazines took off as

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