Influence Of Social Media Marketing Essay

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The use of social media marketing has in Bahrain has exploded over the years as a significant percentage of the demographic users have adopted the mainstream avenues. The latter is inclusive of Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and so forth. The term social media denotes a wide range of communication, sharing, and communication tools that undergo continuous change and development. On the other hand, Social media marketing refers to the process of acquiring traffic and attracting the attention of the target customers through social medial platforms (Smart Touch, 2015). Notably, the unstoppable driving forces of social media marketing include the internet backed up by the modern world rapid technological developments. As such, social media has developed to become one of the main aspects of daily life. Notably, social media had been used for a range of functions that include social matters, political causes, communication, as well as marketing purposes (Evans, 2010). With the birth and the rise of the social media as well as the users of the internet services in Bahrain and in the entire world, the modern society has rapidly embraced social media marketing. Consequently, they have utilized what the social media has offered to the society for purposes such as connecting, communication, sharing information with others, and so forth. Problem Statement In the contemporary society, the social media marketing channels have been and are being used to
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