Informatics: Improvising the Quality of Health Care

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Discuss the five (5) major components of informant management/information technology (IM/ IT) governance with a focus of how they will collectively improve the quality of health care. What is informatics and how is it utilized in the context of the health industry? Furthermore, how does it relate to the 5 components of governance? Informatics is the use of information systems to improve efficiencies within a corporation. Since its inception in 1949, informatics has grown exponentially to encompass a broad array of clinical services designed to aid the consumer in areas such as patient records, data processing, and so forth. As of today, the field is continuing to grow, with the International Medical Informatics Association at the forefront of this growth. One such application of this process I would mimic is that of the VA hospital. Currently they use a system called Vista. This system has allowed the VA to dramatically improve efficiencies which directly transfer to better customer service and cost savings. These three components of cost savings, efficiencies, and better customer service lay the foundation for the next two components of the plan. In our current economic condition, efficiency with both federal and private funds is absolutely essential. The flow of excess capital and the days of arbitrary spending have abated to a mere trickle. Many individuals question the integrity of not only the financial markets, but those of the medical industry as well. Practices

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