Information And Communications Technologies ( Icts )

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Abstract: To date the ICT industry could be seen as one of the top sectors in the country for graduate women employment in terms of creating high quality jobs & it can enforce the strength empowering the rural women in deed. As caregivers, communicators and providers women play a major role in the society. Information & Communications Technologies (ICTs) help to co-ordinate some aspects of rural women’s life in developing states. As the women education rate & job participation is growing gradually in Bangladesh, women’s participations & contributions in decision-making male-dominated ICT environment are of growing importance.It is revealed by this paper that the knowledge revolution, led by information and communication technology, lies at the heart of economic development of Bangladesh, especially for the neglected rural women. As half of the population of Bangladesh is women & 80% of women live in pastoral area. As maximum women are illiterate & the fact is alarming that the literate women or even though the educated women are unable to access in the ICT based knowledge for their insufficient knowledge about ICT. The inability to access and use of ICT by women is a barrier to the creation of knowledge-based society in Bangladesh. It is identified by this paper that in order to create an ICT-driven knowledge society & to empower the women of rural areas Bangladesh needs a knowledgeable workforce, government step, support, incentives & concentration so that transparent and
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