Information Management Chicago, Inc.

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By concentrating on its strengths, its fundamental clienteles, and the important standards they require, Information Management Chicago, Inc. (IMC) will upsurge sales progressively in its first three years, while also preserving the gross margin on sales, with an emphasis on cash administration and working capital. This business plan pilots the way. It refurbishes our vision and strategic emphasis: adding significance to our target market sections, and strengthening our ties with companies in our indigenous markets. It also offers the step-by-step plan for cultivating our sales, gross margin, and productivity. Objectives
1. Attain healthy remunerations (EBIT) in the first year of process.
2. Uphold a midrange gross …show more content…

• Interior Business Procedure Goals vs. Outcomes
• Personnel Erudition and Growth Objectives vs. Outcomes
• Customer Gratification Goals vs. Outcomes
Information Management Chicago, Inc., will vend and service digital organization information systems for Chicago’s industries, with an emphasis on the National Island business municipal. IMC will be fashioned as the consequence of the purchase of three prevailing businesses: Lego Office Machines, Inc.; Electronics Chicago Inc.; and, Panaito Office Equipment, Inc.

Company Ownership
IMC will be privately owned[C Company] possessed in majority by the IMC Worker Share Proprietorship Trust. There are at present 15 personnel, and all will possess equivalent stocks in the ESOT. New workers will be given the prospect to become conferred in the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) after an appropriate provisional period.
Start-up Summary
Our start-up expenditures will be $1M, which comprises $450,000 for the procurement of the Lego and Panaito operations of Servco Incorporated Office Technology.
The residue of the reserves will be used for:
• Initial Inventory: $200,000
• Initial Capitalization: $225,000
• Legal, Insurance, Rent & Misc: $125,000
The start-up subsidy

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