Information Security And Its Effects On Our Own Network Security Protocols

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5. Companies’ not following their own network security protocols After a company spends the time and money to create network security protocols it need to ensure it is doing everything it can to follow the set protocols. With the advancement in technology companies tends to advance with the technology without fully testing it first. They forget about a fundamental rule that technology can attack information security risks present in everyday business. These new technologies can compromise security that leads to constant security gaps, which always losses business. On the other hand some companies do not advance at all with newer and enhanced technologies, big mistake! Out of date software can be a huge issues. Companies tend to neglect simple software updates because of the cost associated with it. “Many firms just buy a firewall because it’s on the tick-list of due-diligence things their auditors want to see. In that case, the sensible choice is a simple filtering router, which won’t need much maintenance and won’t get in the way. Where security’s taken seriously, one possible approach is to invest in a really serious firewall system, which might consist of a packet filter connecting the outside world to a screened subnet”. Thus, over a period in time this can potentially cause an issues in security. Which is the same thing as refusing to upgrade critical software, this is a clear sign of negligence because security risks are caused by weaknesses in applications. A

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