Information Security Use Policy Analysis

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Information Security Use Policy
*SecurityZone is a made up company name for the sole purpose of this assignment. SecurityZone is meant to be the company writing the policy. The company logo was taken from Google Images and used for aesthetic purposes. The company name Angular Velocity was also made up solely for use in this assignment. Angular Velocity is the company that the policy is being written for.
1. Overview
This document provides computer usage guidelines for all users of ANGULAR VELOCITY’s information systems. The purpose of these guidelines is to protect the rights and privacy of ANGULAR VELOCITY, its employees, clients, and business partners.
ANGULAR VELOCITY has instituted the following policies which will manage the use of computers, software, networks, Internet access, and all other information systems provided by ANGULAR VELOCITY.
ANGULAR VELOCITY has the right to access and monitor these systems to determine if employees are in compliance with these policies. ANGULAR VELOCITY information systems are only meant for business needs and are to be used only during worktime. Excessive use of these systems for personal reasons such as, but not limited to, posting items for sale, fund raising, political purposes or chain letters is prohibited.
2. Purpose
The purpose of this policy is to define the measures that need to be in place when managing any risk related to a company’s information systems. In addition, this policy will identify the criteria under which
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