Information Systems Analysis And Design

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COIT20248: Information Systems Analysis and
Design Term1, 2015
Assessment 1 - Systems Development

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1 Introduction 2
2 Approaches to Systems Development 3
3 System Requirements 4
4. Project Cost Benefit Analysis 6
5. Project Schedule 8
6. System Information Requirement & Investigation Techniques 9
7. Reflections and Conclusions 10
8. References 11

1 Introduction

Aim of the Report:

The main focus of this report is build a new system from scratch for Broadway bookshop which can solve the problems which the company facing with their present system. By this report we will elaborate new system’s functionality, get their requirements for desired system by different techniques and will prepare a planning for the system using MS Project software.
The company is facing problems like duplication of records due to no proper record system, Customer dissatisfaction due to lake of accuracy in scheduling system and so on.
AWSIG will prove a system by which all the problems facing by Broadway bookshop will solve and help them gain customer satisfaction which will help them gain market value of their services and company.

2 Approaches to Systems Development

There are various methods to approach to system development including Joint application design and prototyping. After reviewing many methods we found JAD is more appropriate method to approach to systems development. JAD adjusts

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