Information Systems, Idexx Neo, And Onward Vet Essay

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The veterinary industry is rapidly evolving with large increases in the need for current technology. This applies to all aspects of the field, but most commonly recognized in the area of practice management. The development of practice management software allows financial and medical data, staff and patient scheduling, inventory, and other information to be easily stored (Downing, Sirois, & Thomas 2016). There are many software programs available today with options for every type of practice. Three different software programs will be discussed in the following pages: VIA Information Systems, Idexx Neo, and Onward Vet. VIA Information Systems (VIA) was founded in 1999 by VCA Antech. VCA Antech is a pet healthcare service provider made up of a network of animal hospitals, diagnostics, imaging, practice management and laboratory services nationwide (VIA, Company, Our Mission). VIA offers a wide array of features to mediate accurate and efficient practice management including SOAP charting, treatment plans, lab integration, DICOM imaging, inventory, and electronic flow sheets. VIA provides top of the line management services with intuitive functionality, however the services and support do come with a price. Although VIA’s website suggests contacting the company for a pricing quote, software review site (2016) reports a costs of approximately $2,900 per user. Support is available via phone and email with remote desktop assistance available for no additional

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