Essay about Information Technology Ten Point Code of Ethics

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Ten Point Code of Ethics for Information Technology Professionals By James Malveaux, Jr.

1. Has IT professionals use every precaution to prevent given out any access to passwords, personnel identifications or other sensitive information to can be used in the database systems. The importance of this is to keep sensitive information for getting out to the world. There is a lot of hacker software that can penetrate a company’s network and get into the database that contains sensitive material. The one thing to prevent any of this from happening is to get a …show more content…

It is pretty much up to the company on how they should keep inventory of their equipment and if you use the benefits suggests you can keep your IT equipment safe.
3. Has IT professionals we will not download or install unauthorized software on any equipment without consent of the company’s policy. This is extremely important because there a lot of viruses out that can damage a network. Any downloaded software like shareware can be lethal to a network. The best way to keep this from happening is by installing a virus software on the server that will detect anything before it goes through the network. Also each network station should have a virus program as well because many personnel will bring files from home and try to access them at work. Plus have procedures for employees so that if they accidentally open a file that contains a virus they should not do anything further and just take the computer off the network and let an IT professional handle the situation from there. This is especially important on emails as well. Whenever an employee sees a suspicious email with a file attached to it, don’t have them open it but just delete it and notify the IT professional immediately. Having these procedures can prevent any damage to the company’s network and help protect sensitive information as well.
4. Has IT professionals we to except responsibilities of our work. Whenever you work on something there are steps and procedures in doing any kind

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