Informational Text : Golf 's History

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Informational Text: Golf
Golf, including the history of it, the equipment used, the rules in place, the tournaments held, and the etiquette during gameplay, is unique as a sport itself. To note, this isn’t about the code word for the letter g, but it is the actual sport. Golf is a game of precession and focus; your mental state influences the game very much. It is a game basically where you use a club to whack the ball into the hole. Golf is one of the most different sports out there.
Golf’s History Where is golf’s birthplace? Golf’s birthplace is on the eastern coast of Scotland in the Kingdom of Fife during the 15th century, approximately 1457. Later on, the king of Scotland, King James II, prohibited golf because it distracted people …show more content…

Golf equipment back then was hand-made, making it expensive. In 1848, metal club heads and shafts and gutta percha balls were selling so an average person was able to afford to play golf. This led to the growth of golf. In the 19th century, associations including the British Open and the USGA (United States Golf Association) held tournaments and researched more about golf. Golf was made a global sport when it was made an Olympic sport in 1900. For a few 100 years until now, technology advanced, so golf clubs and balls were modernized, causing more accurate ball flights with more yardage. During this period, many more associations including the PGA (Professional Golf Association) and the WPGA (Ladies PGA) were made.
Golf Equipment Unlike other sports, you need a lot more than a ball. You need the clubs, the golf bag, the tees, the ball marker, the balls, and the cleaning supplies. There are four types of clubs- the irons, the wedges, the hybrids, and the putters. For all of the categories except putters and wedges, the higher the number, the more loft the club has. The woods are used from a long distance to the hole. The 1-wood, so called the driver, is the least lofted of the woods and the ball goes the farthest with a swing from it. Irons have a higher loft than woods, allowing more precision on the fairway. The wedge’s purpose is to get the ball on the green in a short distance by

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