Informative Speech: How to Be Happy Being Single

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Title: Surviving a Break-Up: How to be Happy Being Single General Purpose: To inform. Specific Purpose: To tell about surviving a tough break-up, and how to rediscover yourself and find happiness in a newly single life. Thesis Statement: The aftermath of a relationship break-up can allow time for self-discovery, friendship, and a chance to do things you want to do. . Introduction . To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful. . Going through a break-up can be a really stressful and emotional experience; how do you move on and find happiness in a newly single life? . The reason I am up here talking about this topic today, is that about a month ago, I ended what was a 2 ½ year relationship. . It has…show more content…
. It is important to balance out spending time alone, because too much time alone may lead to feelings of resentment and longing for the relationship. . Friends may have felt they were put on the backburner during your relationship, and will be happy to have you back to spend time with you again. . To quote Judy Ford, “A relationship with a friend is a special place. It is a sheltered environment in which we can endlessly explore ourselves in the presence of another and in which we can offer the possibility of the true reflection of another. And still we are one person.” . It may be possible to fear being independent, for that may leave one to feel loneliness and unloved. However, if a person becomes independent, they can truly do the things they want to do. . Do the Things You Want to Do . Ever been in a relationship where you either are forced to watch sports, or on the other end, a chick flick? Well, now you have the freedom to watch whatever it is YOU want to watch. . Right when you find yourself single, go ahead and make plans of things you never could do before. 1. Travel, skydive, go on a road trip . According to a California State study, this is the time to start a new project, develop a hobby; do things that will boost your mood and help you move on. . Doing the things you want to do means
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