Informative Speech : Presentation Of Self

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Journal #2 – Lesson 18 – Presentation of Self in Everyday Life The ‘Presentation of Self’ reading lead to a lot of interesting discussion in class about how much of a person’s personality is actually their own and how much of it is just being made up as we go in order to fit in or to appear how we want others to see us. In many ways it is similar to the organizations as theater concepts, not surprisingly, but it also has a much larger emphasis on the actual thought processes of individuals as opposed to how a leader or organization member might act in order to achieve a goal. Presentation of self has a lot to do with creating a positive image of oneself and avoiding a negative one, tying in well to the previous lesson readings on organization citizenship and achieving desired images. Much like the sentiment of a few members of the class, I personally felt that it was more peculiar for someone to go so out of their way to appear in a certain light to other people. After reviewing the additional readings, I didn’t view it so negatively because in many situations it does take a degree of theatrics to make an organization or relationship run smoothly. The impression management techniques are surprisingly prevalent in any organization once they are recognized and, while they seem shallow, it is often necessary to use such techniques to create an environment where goals are accomplished in order and with more efficiency. The example of the teacher and mental institution

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