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Will Infosys Consulting be able to change the “rules of the game” in the consulting industry?
ICI’s new rules of the game (1-1-3 model)
Infosys consulting has come up with an innovative way of performing business process consulting operations. They are calling their model as 1-1-3 model based on the allocation of resources for particular project. This model could be summarized in the below diagram with the significance of the new approach highlighted in the purple callout (case p9):

The value of this model comes from allotment of the task between onsite and offshore teams and hence making the most of the time differences and wage differenced to accomplish maximum work at minimum cost and time. The differentiating factors of this …show more content…

Additionally due to frequent client interaction and innovative employee reward program tied to value addition for client had ended up in being both client and employee more satisfied with ICI. So eventually all the companies in business process consulting will have to change their operations to this model to remain competitive. So, Infosys consulting is certainly in the process of changing the rules of the game in consulting industry.
Advantages and disadvantages of the model and base in India
Infosys, having based in India, has effectively capitalized on institutional voids in factor market (HBR article 9-703-431) in this model by:
• Exploiting its understanding of variable talent pool in India and using them effectively for providing world class software solutions
• Exploiting its experience in onsite-offshore model software development process
• Effectively applying the matrix quality measurement structure to this model to measure the performance of every deliverable and hence increasing the quality of product with each project

Clearly Infosys is able to exploit its position of base in India. Apart from the capitalizing on institutional voids in factor market of India, Infosys has gained additional advantages of the geographical locations of its base. 1-1-3 model can effectively work day and night due to time difference between US and India. Having design team (ICI

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