Insomnia With Short Sleep Duration And Mortality Essay

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This paper will explore the study into and the results of a study into any possible connection between insomnia with short sleep duration and mortality. The purpose of this paper is to bring forth a better understanding of why this study was implemented and the benefits, if any, of the results stemming from the study. We will focus on the study itself and of its participants. We will also be providing thoughts on the study 's conclusions and of any ramifications that may arise moving forward, that this study provides. The methods that were used by the researchers were simple in theory and in application. Bring together a group of participants, one thousand seven hundred and forty-one to be precise. Study their sleep patterns for a single night and then follow-up on said participants throughout a fourteen year span. The researchers would attempt to discover any and all links between insomnia with short sleep duration and mortality in men and women with their findings. In doing so, the researchers had hoped that their work would lead to a better understanding of the necessity for the treatment of insomnia, and the need for further studies within this field. These researchers concluded that there is a link between insomnia with short sleep duration with mortality in men, although they were not as successful in finding a similar clear link in women.

The topic of this article is about the study put forth by a group of researchers who were attempting to discover “a link between

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