Integrated Marketing Communications : An Organization

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There are numerous substantial barriers that affect the way in which Integrated Marketing Communications is able to function within an organisation, the list includes: a lack of creativity; lack of time management as well as issues of synergy (MMC Learning, 2015).
When different marketing departments within a company are not able to work together due to a lack of expertise and proficiency, this creates power-battles whereby internal departments refuse to work with one another or be told how to run – this affects the organisation’s ability to remain creatively focused on achieving its goals (Pickton et al., 2004). Since Integrated Marketing Communications is able to stiffen creativity as well confront leadership issues, it challenges different departments to cohesively work together (Pickton et al., 2004).
A lack of planning, implementation and commitment, will affect various departments’ ability to implement Integrated Marketing Communications within their business operations – organisations need to therefore understand how and when to use Integrated Marketing Communications in order to achieve maximum impact (Pickton et al., 2004). Although there are barriers existing within Integrated Marketing Communications, it is still able to assist company’s better fuse their brands image and message as well as provide more opportunities to successfully cultivate long-lasting and loyal relationships between them and the consumer (Percy, 2008).

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