Integrated Marketing Communications Plan For Showtime Energy Drink Company

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Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Showtime Energy Drink Company PRESENTED TO INSTRUCTOR JEANETTE GILE INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS FOX VALLEY TECHNICAL COLLEGE PREPARE BY CAITLIN DOLATA NOVEMBER - 2015 Executive Summary to be completed.. Target Market Showtime Energy markets to young awe-inspiring males and females with an age range of age from 15 to 30 years old. These males and females live a consistent adventurous and outgoing lifestyle. They like to be adventurous or try to at least for a thrilling lifestyle. Showtime males and females like to be a part of very competitive sports or any other sports activities and extreme sports activities. Showtime defines the majority of these customers as Generation Y because they are not only very active males and females but very active students who need the energy to finish study all night and finish many projects. Showtime Energy also has a slim secondary target market of an older crowd of consumers which a general age range of 26 to 50 year olds. This demographic will consist of any business personnel who may finishing monthly reports or a trucker doing a long ride, thus anyone can use Showtime energy drinks. These males and females come from all walks of life and financial status. They live in suburban and rural areas and have different levels of education. They all share physical/mental exertion in common and getting their adrenaline pumping. Positioning
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