Integration of Modern Technology in Schools Essay

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A type of modern technology should be provided to the students in the classrooms at school. The next few paragraphs will explain how modern technology, such as iPads and Mac computers, can help students in classrooms learn at their own pace and be able to keep better track of notes or assignments. It will explain how modern technology can help improve students’ scores on tests, mid-terms, and finals. In addition, it will explain why using LoudCloud systems into the curriculum is a high-quality choice. Therefore, iPads or personal laptops should be provided by the district to the students at Jackson High School because it would help improve their academics significantly. To begin with, using an iPad can help students track their…show more content…
“With its large display of an onscreen keyboard, the iPad is great for taking notes in class. In a landscape view, they can see the note-taking page and a list of all their notes. It even circles a recent note in red so they can see where they are at a glance” (Apple). On the other hand, a Mac can also help students learn on a more accurate basis. It is intended to have a long and dynamic life. The Mac notebooks feature strong enclosures, are made from high quality materials like aluminum, and glass so they are ready for the challenges in a classroom. The MagSafe power connector is held in place magnetically, so if anyone trips over the cord, it disconnects safely and the Mac stays put. It can last up to 7 hours on one charge and they distribute miraculous performance for almost any task. “Students who have vision disabilities will benefit from VoiceOver – the world’s first gesture-based screen reader, built into every Mac. It also makes it easier for deaf or hard-of-hearing students by including support for playing back open – and closed-captioned content. It has built-in technologies to help students with difficulties using the keyboard, mouse, and track pad. Students with cognitive and learning disabilities can benefit from a simplified Finder, integrated information reference book, spelling and grammar checking, etc” (Apple). In addition, the iPad and Mac could be provided to the
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