Interactive Advertisement : The Goals Of Interactive Advertising

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In today’s world we have so many different ways we can advertise the products we are selling or if we need to let people know of an activity that is coming up. Every day there are new technologies introduced to the world. We always want to know what the next new thing is if we aren’t buying it, we are reading about it on the advertisement that they release of the new product. We read about the product on the interactive advertisement that they have posted. What is interactive advertisement and what are the goals of interactive advertising? Why do consumers use an interactive advertisement? What elements make it happen? “Stepping into the shoes” of the consumers is one of the main things that people need to think about when they see the …show more content…

I hope this campaign can make its way to America and we can make it worldwide (2015).
What are the advantages and disadvantages of interactive advertisement? The advantages are that it allows consumers to interpret advertisement in unique ways. It lets a consumers to see that they play a role in determining the value of marketing. Encourages consumer to engage themselves, it also lets them explore all the different ways they can make their designs better and get the products out into the world. The consumers build relationships with the product or the campaign. When a consumer is making a product they become close and personal with it. It becomes part of their lives so when it goes out into the world the consumers want to make it as popular as it can be. If we think about the advantages we can see that the advertisements bring humor and joy because they are the most important aspects of all interactive marketing campaigns. The humor part of it influences the people’s behaviors in a positive way. They are located on the left side of our brain which is the side that is used for logic, analyzing etc. The right side which deals with emotional such as humor. It makes sense that the information is relayed to make comedy means that the information saved across both side of the brain. The public can relate to the brands on a more personal and memorable level (March 25). They make it a social interaction too. Another interactive advertisement that is located

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