Interim Report for Engineering Ethics and Emerging Technologies

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Interim Report for Engineering Ethics and Emerging Technologies
From the beginning of human civilization till present date, new innovations and technologies are introduced into the society to improve existing lifestyle or operation methods. However, as we approach the pinnacle of what current technologies allows us to research on, the rate at which new technologies are surfacing is gradually decreasing. Therefore, researchers and engineers began working on existing technologies for further improvement. One branch of emerging technology will be convergence. Convergence technologies are the combination of technologies from absolutely different systems, which ultimately work towards a common goal. One example would be the convergence of
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Since many small scale farmers belong to low income group, this in turn represents a widening income gap along with social repercussions. Hence more attention should be paid to improving livestock conditions rather than developing in-vitro meat. The government should be making it easier and more affordable to raise livestock. Possible solutions include setting up of government agencies to do research and development on rearing livestock. Agencies can share findings with the farmers and educate them on better methods to rear their livestock. Small scale farmers can then price their goods competitively and not be pushed out of the market by big players. Other solutions include requesting the supermarkets to support the local farmers by selling their goods. Singapore’s Fairprice supermarket has been selling local poultry and eggs in support of the local industry. With such measures in place, we can ensure that traditional farms can keep pace with technology and not be phased out.


Nanotechnology can be broadly categorized under Molecular manufacturing (MM), which will be a significant breakthrough, comparable perhaps to the Industrial Revolution—but compressed into a few years. This technology exists in nearly every conceivable application at the tiniest levels. Everything from harder car bumpers to odor
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