Internal Marketing in Services Marketing

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1. Introduction

The aim of the following essay is to present the importance of internal marketing in service product development. The first part of this essay will discuss the origin and growth of the concept of internal marketing. Then it will focus on the benefits of internal marketing. In the later part, it will demonstrate a specific case, Mary Kay, which has successfully implemented internal marketing.

It shall first briefly introduce fuzzy sets and related concepts. The concept of internal marketing originally emerged from the services marketing literature (Berry and Parasuraman, 1992). The term internal marketing is defined as the policy of treating employees as internal customers of the organization, responding to employees’
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4. Successful internal marketing case with Mary Kay

In 2005, Mary Kay won the prize for the ‘Excellent employer – Top 10 best places to work in China’ for the second time, which is announced by ‘Fortune’ (Chinese version). In the U.S., Mary Kay as a direct marketing business with the pink logo has been ranked as ‘Top 100 best places for staff in the U.S.’ three times since 1984; it is also the only one cosmetics company and one out of 10 best companies for women to work in the U.S.. In addition, Mary Kay was praised by International Women Forum by contributing to equal and enhance women’s status. All these awards gained by Mary Kay are inseparable from successful internal marketing and providing a good working atmosphere for the employees. From the beginning of its founding, Mary
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