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Surfest 2012

ICMS Event team – Group Report


The importance of evaluation

Event evaluation may seem like a dreary task compared to the creativeness and excitement of other aspects of event managemgent, it is sometimes an area that is completed briefly or even forgotten about all together. But event evaluation has proven to be a crucial part of event management and when done with careful thought, an event may be able to reap countless benefits from its event evaluation.

Achieving event aims and targets
According to the MBA knowledge database, an event evaluation “is an activity that seeks to understand and measure the extent to which an event has succeeded in
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Types of Evaluation

The evaluation process should be ongoing and should occur throughout the different phases of an event. The three main types of evaluation are:

* Pre-event Evaluation * During-event Evaluation * Post-event Evaluation

Pre-event Evaluation
Pre-event evaluation is conducted before the event has taken place. The event organiser should conduct the pre-event evaluation 6 months to a year (sometimes even longer for mega events) prior to the event date. It is linked closely to event planning and it evaluates everything to do with the planning and setting up of the event. Areas of pre-event evaluation may include: * Marketing– How the promotion of the event has taken place and how the general public are responding to it * Budgeting – Keeping everything under budget and reflecting on whether or not the budget is being spent effectively * Satisfying Sponsors – Checking if sponsors and supporting organisations are happy with how the event is shaping up and double checking with them what they expect to gain from the event and aim at satisfying these needs * Venue – Making sure the venue fits the purpose of the event and will cater for the expected number of attendees and finalizing venue costs * Transport – Evaluating and finalizing attendees transport plans and deciding on whether or not arranged
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