Interpersonal Attraction Theory And Group Conflict

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Similarity attraction theory – less trust at least initially
The diversity of gender and ethnicity is often exploration for the premise of group conflict. Seems to be mixed gender or nationality group members in beyond the obvious differences in interpersonal difficulties, and often the interpersonal relationship between the friction and conflict. Owing to generally tend to think that members of other social classes more than their own social class members don't worthy of trust and cooperation (Tajfel, 1981), several social category coexist in the same team could trigger interpersonal conflict (relationship) conflict.

A similar group of people, like gender, nationality or age, will tend to interact more often, and interact with different team members in a more positive way. In social network literature, similar actors tend to develop more powerful network is referred to as "homogeneity" (Ibarra, 1992). According to interpersonal attraction theory, if team members have multiple characteristics (e.g., they belong to the same sex or ethnic group), it is likely that they refer to the conflict of task as the disagreement between team members about the task because of different …show more content…

As shown by the other component analysis, the difference of these attributes are more likely to improve team performance (Bell et al., 2011). In addition, the management team also need to learn effective communication. Effective communication is crucial to conflict management, it can eliminate stereotypes prejudice and negative emotions, improve rational knowledge to each other. The way of conversation is to talk about each other's differences through a formal or informal conversation through a group of members, and to build a team of thought patterns on the basis of understanding their basic

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