Essay on Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal communication is the technique we use to communicate our ideas, thoughts and feelings to one and other. (Eunson 2012:256) People use visual, written, oral, sense and nonverbal means to communicate. Individuals have communicated with each other for centuries through the medium of letters, telephone, groups with public speaking and one to one conversations. With the introduction of mass media ideas could spread to larger audiences however the means of imparting information required high level skills and equipment not available to the individual. The highly effective tools of the mass media have now become the tools of the individual to use in the digital age to help with interpersonal communication. Electronic communication has…show more content…
The internet enables communication in two ways with instant feedback, whilst the broadcast and print media is only one and feedback is limited. The effective tools of broadcast media have now become the tools for interpersonal communication. 

With the population growing and our network expanding rapidly throughout the world, electronic communication has benefited people immensely. It gives them the privilege to share and connect globally with anyone, like distance family members, friends and work colleagues through various social networking websites such as Twitter, Flickr, Google+ and Facebook. An interpersonal communication technique such as visual communication is used regularly in these websites. Being able to see your social group’s latest photos and video which are updated daily, lets you feel more connected to people you don’t see in person often. (Sless 1987:187) Another form of visual communication is through visual aids to convey ideas and information in ways that can be read orlooked upon. It includes signs, typography, drawings, graphic design and electronic resources. It aims to communicate through personal perspective. If the viewer has an opinion about an image purely based on their personal thoughts they respond differently in their thoughts and values as someone else might. (Smith 2005:12) Electronic communication is commonly used in business meetings. Using various modes as power points, videos, photos and animation,
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