Interpersonal Communication Theory

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Thesis: The interpersonal communication theory; expectancy violations theory can be applied to the 2003 romantic comedy film, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. This essay will discuss the three core concepts of Expectancy Violations Theory in detail; expectancy, violation valence, and communicator reward valence, using scenes throughout the film. The first core concept of EVT is expectancy, in the film expectancy can be applied by looking at the scene where Andie and Ben first come in contact at a bar. Expectancy is defined as “what people predict will happen, rather than what they desire” (Griffin, 2015). The concept of expectancy in EVT comes from three key pieces; context, relationship, and communicator characteristics. Context helps…show more content…
The conversation is quick and very direct, this leads to Andie leaving with Ben and both of their bets start. Andie’s expectations after meeting ben are she can easily lure him in, and then make him want to run from her. She plans on acting like a crazy, clingy, and somewhat psycho girlfriend who often oversteps. The relationship relative to expectancy is that Ben and Andie want a romantic relationship which is seen through the similarity in that they are both young and single working adults. They both have well-paying jobs, and an attraction for each other which creates s sense of what the outcome might be. The characteristics that define Ben and Andie are that they are both attracted to each other primarily on appearance, they enjoy each other’s personality and communicate with ease while being extremely direct. To look at these three parts of expectancy is to help gauge what a specific individual might do in a certain situation. Expectancy takes into consideration context, relationship, and communicator relationships, yet how do people react when their expectations are violated. This is explained through the next core concept of EVT; violation valence. (Griffin, 2015) The next key component of Expectancy Violations theory is violation valence, this can be further examined using the film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. The particular scene that best illustrates violation valence in action is when Andie invades Ben’s apartment by decorating
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