Interview: Facilities Operations Manager

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This paper will go over the responsibilities of a facility manager. I had the opportunity to interview Joe G Hart Senior Manager of Facilities Operations. The facility is the home of over three thousand employees and several hundred volunteers. The daily operation of the facilities department is always in full swing as Joe explains the ups and downs of his job. The first question is how did you get this job? He answered with a smile, Joe said, “he started as a newly college graduate in administrative management, because I worked in maintenance to help put myself through college I was offered an entry-level maintenance position and worked his way up, by learning all avenues of a facility manager. Before becoming the senior manager Joe had to learn the ins and outs of how to develop operational budget projections in a timely manner using historical and forecasted data, market/service trends and strategic initiatives. As well as learning to manage the budget by utilizing financial tools to monitor/control costs and seek alternative funding sources when needed. Joe would also be managing, planning, organizing and overseeing the Control Center, Maintenance Staff (Quality Care Mechanics), Grounds, Parking & Access Control, Security, and Grounds. Joe expressed the responsibility of all aspects of maintaining the parking structures and lots, snow removal and landscaping to include both staff and contract staff. Joe would oversee the Security Department and to ensure that

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