Nurse Interview Essay

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For this assignment, I had to interview many of colleague, who are nurses at Sanford Health in Fargo, ND. The reason why I interviewed many nurses is because they didn’t have enough time to answer all my questions due to their busy schedule and workload. I believed interviewing many nurses will give me a greater perspective on the type of writing they do in their careers. I assumed interviewing my colleague whom I have known for a long time was certainly going to be an austerely simple task, but to my surprise, it turned out to be very hard and challenging. What made my interview very challenging is that my colleagues had a difficult time taking my interview serious because many times during the course of our work I pulled a lot of pranks on them. I have been working at Sanford Health for more a year now, as a nurse aide in the surgical inpatient unit. If I learned anything while working as a nurse aide is that to be a nurse, it requires a lot of mental and physical fortitude. I greatly admire the work they do day in and day out. Nurses have strong emotional power and the ability to withstand adversity. Working in the surgical unit as a postoperative nurse is not easy, the work demand can take a toll on even the strongest in both physically and mentally. During a difficult time, when I am working, I try to entertain the nurses by joking with them and telling them that they only got a few hours left for them before they can go home and relax. After explaining the purpose of

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