Interview With Mary Robinson Is The Former President Of Ireland And The United Nations Human Rights Commissioner

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Mai Hamad WGST 205 Final paper May 12th 2017 Interview with Mary Robinson Mary Robinson is the former president of Ireland and the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner. In a recent interview with Rachel Martin of, titled How Human Rights Efforts and The Fight Against Climate Change Are Related, Mary Robinson discusses how the global climate and the way that we treat each other has changed from an environment of global cooperation to a much more hostile and less cooperative environment. This can be attributed to globalization which is when society is being internationally influenced, and businesses within the society are operating on an international scale. Mary Robinson uses the various components of globalization to describe…show more content…
Instead the government only choses to listen if its going to benefit the optics of the government in some way. An example of this is many people in the “rust belt” of America feel as if migrants are taking their jobs, this causes a sense of abandonment from the government in this area and also affects political participation. Globalization causes inequality because countries that have a lower GDP or are less developed often get forgotten unless they are need for resources. Next Mary Robinson discusses how militarization and escalating political military conflict contributes to a negative nationalist identity. In United States society we see an increase in hate speeches, a use of hate and fear as a form of intimidation, and we have a higher hate for one another based on cultural differences. This is due to our current political climate as well as current international relations. As the younger generations become more aware of the injustices occurring across the United States and across the world, their distrust in the government and political organizations increases. It is now easier to identify when a country preaches democracy and equality, but is responsible for inequality within it’s own country, and even injustices in other countries. For example, Mary Robinson states that the United States’ involvement in Iraq and now Syria has caused a growing

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